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LDMakeList V2.0 - Tim Gould - 2013-02-07


Please find LDMakeList 2.0, a replacement for makelist with added features and full support for >64 character description names. This updated version of LDMakeList contains a number of new options (-? will show them) and writes parts.xml in a format compatible with LDFind (although no support for parts.xml exists).

It can be run identically to the old "makelist" simply as LDMakeList -d or LDMakeList -n

If you do not wish to write Parts.xml please use the -x switch.

Please let me know if the compiled version works on your computer.


SortParts.pl Re: LDMakeList V2.0 - Tim Gould - 2013-02-07

For those of you with perl on your PC, the below code allows you to make your own custom sort by using parts.xml. It will write parts.lst to the screen so must be directed to parts.lst. Simply change $Level1, $Level2 and $Level3 to alter your sorting style.

Run as: perl SortParts.pl > parts.lst

use XML::Simple;

# Sort by category, then filename, then description

sub CmpParts {
    # Sort at first level
    $c=$a->{$Level1} cmp $b->{$Level1};
    if ($c==0) {
    $c=$a->{$Level2} cmp $b->{$Level2};
    if ($c==0) {
        $c=$a->{$Level3} cmp $b->{$Level3};
    return $c;

$xml=new XML::Simple;
@PEArray = @{$data->{"FileEntry"}};

@PEArraySorted=sort CmpParts @PEArray;

foreach $P (@PEArraySorted) {
    print( sprintf("%-27s", $P->{"NameEntry"}).$P->{"Description"}."\n" );

Re: LDMakeList V2.0 - Max Martin Richter - 2013-02-07

I got an error while starting:
"The program can not be started, because libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll is not available on the computer. Please reinstall the program, to solve the problem"

My System: Win7 Pro 64bit


Re: LDMakeList V2.0 - Tim Gould - 2013-02-07

Grumble... right. So it's using a .dll secretly.

The updated version (just download again) should hopefully remedy the problem.


Re: LDMakeList V2.0 - Max Martin Richter - 2013-02-07

Well, now I have another Problem. When I try to download the file, it seems, that there is something wrong on google. I get a file with 226 kb. Google says, that it must be about 1.5 Mb.
I think, it is the old file, because I get the same dll error as before.
(And no, it's nothing wrong with my cache in the browser, because I tested the download from a second machine with the same result :-( )


Re: LDMakeList V2.0 - Tim Gould - 2013-02-07

Maybe it takes a while to settle the change...

Can you drop me an email: tgould.lego(AT@)gmail.com

Re: LDMakeList V2.0 - Travis Cobbs - 2013-02-08

Just FYI, the new download runs for me, and appears to be the right size (1.6MB uncompressed).

Re: LDMakeList V2.0 - Tim Gould - 2013-02-08

Thanks. I was being a bit naughty in the way I did things and apparently GoogleCode didn't like it (clearly it's a bug, but not one you should come across). Now I'm being better behaved.


Re: LDMakeList V2.0 - Willy Tschager - 2013-02-08


I'd like to substitute MKList in the AIOI with LDMakeList but this would require two things:

* That Chris does the same with the Official Parts Library
* The prog comes with a some sort of license or you have to sign the permission


Re: LDMakeList V2.0 - Tim Gould - 2013-02-08

Hi Willy,

I'd also wait for feedback on its success on 32bit and pre-Windows 7. So far I only know it works on two Win 7 64bit PCs.

The code is GPL licensed so distributing it should be no problem at all. You just need to know where the sourcecode is (http://code.google.com/p/ldmakelist/downloads/list).