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part 76116 - Nicola - 2013-01-21

i can find no similar part. is it avaiable somehow?

bad robot arm

Re: part 76116 - Nicola - 2013-01-21

ok i found part 53989 which is similar, but it's filed under a completely different name. Sorry Smile

Re: part 76116 - Chris Dee - 2013-01-25

They're probably functionally equivalent, but looking at those images they differ in the thickness of the arm.

Re: part 76116 - Philippe Hurbain - 2013-01-25

Indeed, they are different. What about creating an alias with "Needs Work" notice, waiting for the true part to be created?

Re: part 76116 - Michael Heidemann - 2013-01-25

Yes, that sounds reasonable. Please upload Smile