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question about similar parts - Nicola - 2013-01-21

I'm drawing some of my mocs in MLcad, and i'd like to use the exact part number for each piece. But there are some parts that i cannot find but of which exists an almost identical part.
For example my moc contains part n 61252, but it doesn't exists in LDraw, so i used part 6019 instead.
Maybe the part has yet to be added to LDraw Part Library? Or is it something wanted?

It's a pity that i can't add the correct part as some sites like Rebrickable can calculate what MOC you can build with the pieces you have and this kind of things break the functionality.

Thanks Smile

Re: question about similar parts - Michael Heidemann - 2013-01-21

I just have had a look at bricklink
They say both parts are same mold. So you can perfectly use the official part.

But you are right with your thoughts.

The problem arises anytime TLG changes the design ID of a part. Maybe the new number should be also added to the library as an alias file. I would say yes to this as it makes things easier for the user.

Re: question about similar parts - Travis Cobbs - 2013-01-22

I can't tell for sure, but the bigger images of both make it look like the new one has slightly more rounded tips on the clip. They do in fact look like they are slightly different.

Re: question about similar parts - Chris Dee - 2013-01-25

Alias added to Parts Tracker.