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Looking for part - Jaco van der Molen - 2013-01-18

Hello all,

I am looking for this part 64647: Minifig, Plume Feather Triple Compact / Flame / Water
I know it exists because I had it once and used here
Anyone know what has happened to it?
I cannot seem to find it at the partstracker either.


Re: Looking for part - Max Martin Richter - 2013-01-18

The part is in the Official Library since the last update.
It is called "Minifig Plume/Flame Triple"
So, I'm not sure where your problem is. ;-)


Re: Looking for part - Jaco van der Molen - 2013-01-18

It was not in my parts folder, though I was sure I installed the latest update.
It turns out I only had half the parts in de update. Don't ask me why, because I do not know.
Thank you for pointing out Max.