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ldraw.org - static page !? - Michael Heidemann - 2013-01-07

I just wanted to go to www.ldraw.org, but I got only a static page without layout !? Is the cms down?

@Orion - Problems with the site - Tim Gould - 2013-01-07

I can't understand what is happening there. The CMS is working fine if you go straight to an article but not at the front page.

What confuses me more is that there don't seem to be any edits that might cause the problem.

I'm looking into the HTML/CSS side of things, but I suspect we'll need Orion to check the backend to get this fixed.


Re: @Orion - Problems with the site - Tim Gould - 2013-01-07

Seems to be fixed...

This was a very strange issue. I've shifted further discussion into the webmasters section to avoid muddying the forums with technical discussion.


Re: @Orion - Problems with the site - Michael Heidemann - 2013-01-08

Hey, I just saw that ldraw.org also uses CMS Made Simple Smile

I only can imagine a fault in server configuration. But now all is fine again. That is the most important notice Smile

Re: @Orion - Problems with the site - Tim Gould - 2013-01-08

It seemed to be a fault in the content block processing or caching. All I did was save a NULL change to one of the content blocks and it worked again. Was very weird.