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BrickPad 2.1.1 - Ken Drew - 2012-12-14

BrickPad 2.1.1 is available...

- 100% GLKit.
- Updated to modern Objective-C syntax.
- Animate standard orientation changes.
- Support for ROTSTEP meta command.
- Fixed a bug where setting changes were propagated to the rendering of the in-step parts list rendering.
- Fixed a bug where the model browser wouldn't reload.

Re: BrickPad 2.1.1 - Paul Griffin - 2012-12-16

I think I'm seeing a bug wherein the model is showing up more than once on the disk if I try to view it an additional time. Will let you know more if you're curious.

Also, I'm working on my own Ldraw-compliant iPad app:


(Yes, that's a soft link to your apps' Documents directory - I'm too lazy to go model hunting)

Re: BrickPad 2.1.1 - Ken Drew - 2012-12-16

Do the copies show up with numbers in the copies? Like original.dat, original-1.dat, original-2.dat? If so, that is by design. Rather than trying to figure out if a downloaded model is the same as the one on disk, it is treated as a copy and gets an original name.

Re: BrickPad 2.1.1 - Travis Cobbs - 2012-12-17

Ken: just FYI, NSFileManager has a method you can call to see if two files are identical. If they are, you can simply throw out the new download and open the pre-existing file. I have done this in an iOS program I wrote for my work for both downloaded files and "open in..." files opened from things like Dropbox and Mail. It's only a few extra lines of code.

Re: BrickPad 2.1.1 - Ken Drew - 2012-12-17

Huh. How did I miss that (-contentsEqualAtPath:andPathSmile? I may have to change that behavior. Thanks for the hat tip!

Re: BrickPad 2.1.1 - Travis Cobbs - 2012-12-17

You're welcome. Note that I seem to recall that NSFileManager's -replaceItemAtURL:withItemAtURL:backupItemName:options:resultingItemURL:error: method (which in theory allows for an atomic file replacement) is badly broken on iOS. So while it doesn't appear that you would use that method, be aware if you do so that it might not work. (My code asks the user if they want to replace their existing file if the new one is found to be different from the old one; if they don't replace, I auto-rename, but if they do, I overwrite the existing file, and when I tried to do that with NSFileManager in an atomic way, it didn't work.)

Re: BrickPad 2.1.1 - Paul Griffin - 2012-12-17

Yea, that was the behavior I was seeing. Also, on the model front, a few of your models are called "untitled model" internally. No big deal, as I'm just using them for testing in my app.