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[LDPartEditor] Integrated Backface Culling Support - Nils Schmidt - 2014-04-03

The implementation of the BFC specification (what is Backface Culling?) into LDPartEditor is done.

All BFC changes will be applied instantly.
[Image: bfc.png]

A "BFC NOCERTIFY" among others:
[Image: uncertified.png]

[Image: clipnnoclip.png]

Here is another example of multiple views. The screenshot was taken before I finished the BFC feature.

Re: [LDPartEditor] Integrated Backface Culling Support - Philippe Hurbain - 2014-04-04

Closer and closer to release...??? Wink

Re: [LDPartEditor] Integrated Backface Culling Support - Willy Tschager - 2014-04-04

Even a pre-alpha would do it. Better soon than perfect.


Re: [LDPartEditor] Integrated Backface Culling Support - Michael Heidemann - 2014-04-04

I fully agree with Willy Smile

[LDPartEditor] Optional Lines - Nils Schmidt - 2014-04-04

The next implementation step were optional lines.

There are different ways to display these lines, e.g.:

1. Show all
2. Show all + control points
3. Draw them as described in the official specification
4. " + control points

However.. I will improve the rendering of (optional) lines in the future.

[Image: condlines1.png]
[Image: condlines2.png]
[Image: condlines3done.png]

[LDPartEditor] Improved Line Rendering - Nils Schmidt - 2014-04-05

[Image: hq_line1.png]

edit: Two new pictures from the vertex development process

[Image: vertices2.png]

Re: [LDPartEditor] Optional Lines - Santeri Piippo - 2014-04-05

How do you go about rendering conditional lines like that..? It apparently is a big hassle when you do it with OpenGL. What's the stunt here?

Re: [LDPartEditor] Optional Lines - Nils Schmidt - 2014-04-07

Imagine an optional line with the four points A2, B2, C2 and D2.

1. Take these points and multiply them by their perspective and modelview matrix M.
As a result you'll get A, B, C and D in screen coordinates.

Matrix4f.transform(M, A2, A);
Matrix4f.transform(M, B2, B);
Matrix4f.transform(M, C2, C);
Matrix4f.transform(M, D2, D);

2. Calculate the line normal

N.x = A.y - B.y;
N.y = B.x - A.x;

3. Calculate the discriminant r by

[b]r[/b] = Vector4f.dot(N, Vector4f.sub(C, A)) * Vector4f.dot(N, Vector4f.sub(D, A));

where Vector4f.dot() calculates the dot product of these two vectors and Vector4f.sub() the difference vector.

4. draw the line between A2 and B2 only if r > 0

[LDPartEditor] Backface Culling, Random Colours, Vertices, Mesh Lines, Lighting... - Nils Schmidt - 2014-04-15

[Image: view_demo.png]

Re: [LDPartEditor] Improved Line Rendering - Willy Tschager - 2014-04-15

Big question is: Will I be able to select a vertex, move it with the mouse in 3D and all lines, cond. lines, triangles, quads connected will be affected by the move?