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Re: Grid implementation done - Willy Tschager - 2013-01-09

Looks like the grid is scalable and ajustable for every single pane. Excellent! May I also change the color and the color of the background?


Re: Grid implementation done - Note to Custom Colours & Shortkeys - Nils Schmidt - 2013-01-09

Willy Tschager Wrote:May I also change the color and the color of the background?
Sure, I am going to add this feature, too. As in LDPatternCreator, it will be possible to customise editor colours and shortkeys.

Text Editor Impression - Nils Schmidt - 2013-01-13

Stay tuned.. Wink
[Image: lpe_syntax_ok_1.png]

Re: Text Editor Impression - Willy Tschager - 2013-01-13

Does it come with something SyncEdit did for LDDP?



Startup dialog - Nils Schmidt - 2013-01-18

Last week, I implemented a little startup dialog which will be shown on the first start of the application. I am going to consider a option to use relative paths when the folder of LDPartEditor, the LDraw lib and your part authoring share the same base path. As a result, the application becomes portable.

"base-path"<path-separator>Foo<path-separator>Parts Authoring
"base-path"<path-separator>Bar<path-separator>Baz<path-separator>LDPartEditor_(win32, linux, mac)

[Image: lpe_first_start.png]

Re: Startup dialog - Philippe Hurbain - 2013-01-18

I can adapt, but presently my working folder is in a different partition from my LDraw library...

Re: Additional Screenshots from the 3D Editor - Willy Tschager - 2013-01-19

First time I came across the Utah Teapot was back in 1990 when I wondered if I ever could do animations like this:

on my Amiga 3000 (I still have stored away somewhere).


Re: Additional Screenshots from the 3D Editor - Michael Heidemann - 2013-01-20

You would have waited for years for the pictures to be rendered those days. Wink

Syntax Highlighting - Nils Schmidt - 2013-01-27

The text editor will highlight errors and warnings when you key-in something wrong (e.g. a collinear triangle, a quad with bad vertex sequence, ...). It will also highlight keywords.

The file will be parsed on save. In this process, all errors, warnings and hints will be written to a list on the bottom of the window. You have the option to quick fix the issues if possible.

Finally, the updated 3D model will be rendered on the 3D editor screen.

edit: It might be is possible to implement a real-time parser (I already did it!!)

[Image: lpe_syntax_ok_1.png]
[Image: lpe_syntax_error.png]

[Video] Text Editor with Drag & Drop Features - Nils Schmidt - 2013-02-06

I uploaded a simple 1min video to demonstrate this feature.