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The final hurdle for Non-CA parts - Chris Dee - 2011-08-26

Following the establishment of the LDraw Contributor Agreement in 2004 many authors have helped to re-develop the LDraw Parts that we did not have agreement to redistribute. Of the 90 original "Non-CA" files only 24 now remain and all except three have been re-developed, and are sitting in the Parts Tracker awaiting review.

I would like to get these into the next Parts Update to remove the need for this complication in the LDraw library. To help prioritize their review I have added a "Review Summary" page to the LDraw Parts Tracker. This includes the re-worked files and any dependents. It would be good if reviewers could take a look at this and prioritize their activities on these files.

In addition volunteers to re-develop the three remaining parts, would be most welcome.

Thanks in anticipation, Chris