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Re: WebGL renderer - Nicola - 2013-01-16

ohh thanks! that was the same model too.
i think i'll pass this one

Re: WebGL renderer - Michael Heidemann - 2013-01-16

Thanks for the update.

Regarding filenames with spaces I found no limitation in our specs that they are not allowed. Even more in the spec for OMR the delimiter for set number and set description is " - " (whitespace, dash, whitespace). So your parser *needs* to support whitespace in filenames.
I am sure you will find a solution Smile

Re: WebGL renderer - Nicola - 2013-01-16

yes it currently support single space separators but nothing else (no double spaces etc) Smile it needs to be fixed

Re: WebGL renderer - Michael Horvath - 2013-01-25

Yes, some instructions would be nice, as well as a zip file with everything we need in it.

Re: WebGL renderer - Nicola - 2013-01-28

Michael Horvath Wrote:Yes, some instructions would be nice, as well as a zip file with everything we need in it.

Ok, i'll write something. The hardest part is preparing the part library: pieces must be spread in different folders becouse servers tipically don't like 7000+ files in a single folder (btw this is something LDraw could consider too, that is not a good thing in general).
I'll write a little utility to do that.

Re: WebGL renderer - Roland Melkert - 2013-01-28

This can be fixed using an alternative filesystem or different formatting parameters for ext3/4

Re: WebGL renderer - Michael Heidemann - 2013-01-28

For Fat32 see here for the limits: http://help.lockergnome.com/windows2/file-folder-limits--ftopict450749.html
For NTFS see here for the limits: http://superuser.com/questions/446282/max-files-per-directory-on-ntfs-vol-vs-fat32

And some thoughts on ext3 here: http://serverfault.com/questions/129953/maximum-number-of-files-in-one-ext3-directory-while-still-getting-acceptable-per

Re: WebGL renderer - Steffen - 2013-01-28

i think this is something we should leave to the underlying filesystem:
from the perspective of the ldraw library, "parts" are in a, or better, in one "folder".
if this number of files is big and the filesystem internally wants to spread this, it can do.
outside, to the user, it should still be a single folder.
i do not want to search multiple folders for parts, and i especially don't want to do this different on different os' es...

Re: WebGL renderer - Travis Cobbs - 2013-01-28

While I'm not advocating splitting things up, it's definitely not up to the file system. The whole stated problem is that some file systems have problems when there are a large number of files in one directory. To be honest, I don't think the 6000+ files we have now is causing problems, but the file system can't internally spread them out, because that would redefine the meaning of a directory.

As for searching, do you do your searches against the actual files on the disk, or using tools based on LDraw? Any change to the folder structure would require updating all tools to support the change, which is why I don't think it will ever (or even should ever) happen. But since the tools would have to be updated anyway, a change in the underlying structure wouldn't change the user experience for people using the tools.

Re: WebGL renderer - Rolf Osterthun - 2013-08-21

Hey Nicola,

your Brigl renderer is really awesome. I gave it a try and it works great for my concerns.

I hope it is still ok for you if I use it on a webpage (e.g. http://www.digital-bricks.de/en/index.php?site=flp)?

Thanks for sharing.