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Re: DATHeader - Michael Heidemann - 2012-05-06

Did you use the latest version?

Version (Released 2011-11-12)

Re: DATHeader - Steffen - 2012-05-06

ugh, where can that be downloaded?

still shows ancient version 1.1.8, and
only lists, not

BTW, I also find the relict (?) pages
quite confusing...

Re: DATHeader - Michael Heidemann - 2012-05-12

Different versions are my fault Sad

Current best place is http://mikeheide2.kilu.de

I try to mention at all places that http://mikeheide2.kilu.de is the current place to look for DATHeader.

I thought I would have released on 2011-11-12 version, but you are right - I did not. Blame on me Wink
This will be fixed soon, as I have sorted out what other changes I made between then an now and how they work right now.

Regarding the error message mentioned by Daniel, I remember this error, but not the real reason. It is definitely the 'Check for BFC INVERTNEXT followed by a linetype1' that failed.

No real problem but need to be fixed or is already fixed. If I would have the file where this error occur I could test here!

Re: DATHeader - Daniel Goerner - 2012-05-12

I don't remember wich file it was, but as soon as I get the error again, I'll send it to you.

Re: DATHeader - Michael Heidemann - 2012-05-12

I have just uploaded the current version to http://mikeheide2.kilu.de

That error should be fixed if I remember correctly. Before you install the new version, just try a file with BFC NOCERTIFY if the same error occur. If yes, then it should be fixed in the new version.

Thanks for your feedback.

Re: DATHeader - Steffen - 2012-05-12

(let's collect the feedback at http://forums.ldraw.org/showthread.php?tid=4851&pid=4851#pid4851 centrally, please, not here)