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Re: Help with parts creation - Philippe Hurbain - 2012-09-21

Now on PT. Added proper condlines (you should really try again Edger2, it's pretty easy on this kind of part!), changed origin and orientation.
[Image: 98372.png][Image: 98372p01.png]

Re: Help with parts creation - Stan Isachenko - 2012-09-21

Thank you.

Re: Help with parts creation - Stan Isachenko - 2012-11-04

I convert and clean GunGan head But there is one moment. There is 2 types of heads. Here is the difference:
[Image: 2731.jpg]
There is only second type in LDD. I don't know is it to hard to modify eye and create first type head. And also patterning. If someone want to pattern it, it will be great.

Re: Help with parts creation - Michael Heidemann - 2012-11-05

Thanks for point this out. I think both tasks are not easily done! So we have to wait for someone with very good skills in part creation.

Re: Help with parts creation - Philippe Hurbain - 2012-11-06

It can be done Wink
[Image: gunganspliteye.png]
This is just the 1st try, result is not good (split is too sloping).
How it was done:
- Export as .stl
- Open .stl using MeshMixer (free 3D sculpting program)
- Sculpt the eye, restricting action of tools to front eye area using facegroup feature introduced in MM8. Adjust number of triangles using MM reduce tools.
- export back to LDraw with stl2dat.
- Reinsert edge lines from original files
- Despite restricted action of tools in MM, the area around eye moved a bit, so the edge line around pupil dind't fit perfectly anymore. Fixed that by making a subpart from original edge lines, and used unificator+snap on subfiles.
- Created middle edge line with Edger2 + manual edition.

Re: Help with parts creation - Philippe Hurbain - 2012-11-06

Here's a better split eye. It should be interchangeable with flat eye version. I let anybody (Stan?) finish the work Wink

Re: Help with parts creation - Stan Isachenko - 2012-11-12

Need help with this pattern. I create it with svgtodat tool. But there are a lot of overlapping triangles, when I check it in pattern creator.

Re: Help with parts creation - Stan Isachenko - 2013-02-04

I stopped work on this part few month ago because I had a problem. I can't connect surface on the top of the head with 4 studs there. I tried coverer different ways bat with no result.

Re: Help with parts creation - Philippe Hurbain - 2013-02-05

Agreed, non trivial!!! I'll see if I can do something...
Edit: Here is the subpart with regenetated top surface matching studs. I let you do the rest...
But there's a lot of problems with this part, such as studs not on grid (maybe they are not in real life? I don't have the part...), and bad middle split (you should convert middle triangles to quads before splitting part!!!).

Otherwise, I used this method to create filling between head and 4-4ndis.
First color ndis and edge of head hole in different color (eg. red and yellow). Then I added triangles one at a time in MLCad, visually adjusting them approximately (using a 0.1ldu grid). This is pretty fast: once you have a triangle (again in a different color, say cyan), duplicate it, and pull one triangle vertex close to the next structure vertex. Don't forget to invert BFC each time, the operation of pulling only one vertex inverts winding! When you're done, put all newly created triangles to the end of file (in MLCad, select one cyan triangle, then select same color, then cut (ctrl-x) and paste (ctrl-v). Then reopen file with LDDP. There, select everything but the newly created triangles, then Tools -> subfile selection. Name your file, eg. snap.dat. This creates a subfile that will be used to snap triangle vertices to the structure, using Unificator. Don't forget to save main file (which contains the triangles and one reference to snap.dat), as LDDP doesn't do it automatically. Then open main file in LETGUI, tool Unificator, option "snap on subfiles", subfile unification threshold = 2.5ldu (may need adjustment). After that, in the result, inline snap.dat. It then remains to re-generate condlines using Edger2...

Re: Help with parts creation - Stan Isachenko - 2013-02-19

There are few missing condlines, maybe some other errors, please fix them. I will upload head to the parts tracker, so after correction of body there will be complete model of t-rex