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Re: Where did these parts go? - Chris Dee - 2012-09-17

I have enhanced the search, so http://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/tracker/activity.cgi?f=parts/x882.dat now finds the rename to 70038.dat.

A user interface to access this extra option will have to wait for a couple of weeks due to holidays.

Re: Where did these parts go? - Philippe Hurbain - 2012-09-17

Excellent, thanks, Chris!
There's nonetheless some slightly weird results, such as http://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/tracker/activity.cgi?f=parts/120.dat where the new part number appears, but later certifications refer to original part number. No big deal anyway!

Re: Where did these parts go? - Michael Heidemann - 2012-09-17

Nikola Kovacs Wrote:Wouldn't it just be easier to not delete renamed/obsoleted/whatever parts and add a comment that you should use part xxxxx now instead of this one?

What you discribe is the current way we work for official parts. The problem only rises if people use unofficial parts and do not combine them in the mpd file.
Maybe my new program MPDCenter help those people to pack all together in the mpd for future use.

Re: Where did these parts go? - Michael Heidemann - 2012-09-17

That are great news, indeed.
If you are able to implement also a function that only returns the new name, this function would helpful for automatic processing such update to the files.
I would like to see such function, that I like to integrate into MPDCenter.