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SR 3D Builder just released - Sergio Reano - 2012-08-20

Another updated version of the application is now available from http://sr3dbuilder.altervista.org/

Most significant new feature is STICKER support as shown in this video:

Following is a list of what is changed.

Enjoy Building !!

Sergio - Changes to previous version (2012.08.20)

- Parts selection can cause application crash when using groups
- Problems aligning parts along a vertical axle
- Animation of Linear Actuators was a bit incorrect
- Animation of some kind of complex hinges was incorrect (not totally fixed but anyway better than before)
- Flex parts management should now work again !!
- When rotating the viewpoint with RMB can accidentally (but very annoying) add your selection to model
when releasing button over yellow and blue center

- Support for STICKERS!! ( for registered users ). Please notice that since stickers connections are added
on-the-fly to model parts, this causes the following different behaviors in the UI:
. The sticker follow mouse pointer over bricks it can connect with (and auto-orient according to part
surface slope)
. You can only use the keyboard to rotate a sticker and add it to the model (use <SPACE> or <ENTER>)
- Application now creates a backup of your model before saving it
- Latest lDraw official parts update (August 2012)