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MLCAD Problem - Andrea Mifsud - 2012-08-04


I have a problem with MLCAD.
When I put new parts to a project they get stretched from one side.
I can't find a solution for this problem unfortunately.
Any help would be appreciated Smile

Re: MLCAD Problem - Philippe Hurbain - 2012-08-04

Mmhhh... Could you share a screenshot and/or a sample file?

Re: MLCAD Problem - Andrea Mifsud - 2012-08-04

LOL I just solved it xD

But now the mouse is not working correctly -,-'
if I move it left, the part on the screen moves right!
Do you know why?

Re: MLCAD Problem - Rafael Skibicki - 2012-08-04

My problem is with version 3.40 reading Favorite list from registry, not file (as it used to be). I used that tiny "peeron to MLCAD" program, now I can't. I'd go back to 3.20, but I really miss the undo feature. I've even sent email to the author.