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a couple of requests - Morintari - 2012-07-12

Hi I needed the vehicle mudgaurd to finish my model and Philippe Hurbain did a bangin job on that part, so I was wondering if he or someone could make the part#4283123 small mudgaurd w detail and 4 studs and the part#4494474 small curve sloped piece w 2 studs. I'm sorry if these are not the formal names for the parts but I don't know where to get the parts list eccept from the Lego manual and I don't see discriptions just numbers. Thanks in advance

Re: a couple of requests - Chris Dee - 2012-07-12

4283123 is 44674 (on Parts Tracker) in yellow
4494474 is 47457 (in official library since 2009-02) in white

Re: a couple of requests - Morintari - 2012-07-16

Thanks alot guys, theese parts will definately help me w my modeling.Big Grin