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Minifig Hips Rotation Point - Daniel Goerner - 2012-05-23

Is there a specific reason why the rotation point of the minifig hips is completely useless (IMHO), the position it's in now? The only way hips could turn is the same way the legs turn, so why don't the hips have the same rotation point?

Is there a way I could permanently change the rotation point of a part to my desire?

Re: Minifig Hips Rotation Point - Steffen - 2012-05-23

yes, of course.
if you're using MLCad, then you can set the rotation point in the options,
and it will be saved with the file.
but that would require that you change official files.
better probably would be to simply create a redirection file which has a different origin.
it would simply contain a single type 1 line, redirecting to an official part in color 16.

Re: Minifig Hips Rotation Point - Tim Gould - 2012-05-23

Which you can, of course, do in an MPD anyway Smile

There's quite a few early release parts with bad origins, but breaking every old model that used them isn't the solution. Nor, IMO, is doubling up on all of them.


Re: Minifig Hips Rotation Point - Travis Cobbs - 2012-05-23

Sorry, I typed into the wrong window.

For reference, this was the reply I entered here, but it was supposed to be in another thread.