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Quotation problems - Tim Gould - 2011-08-14


As Tore points out the failure of the forum to include parts in '<>' while quoting a post isn't too good. Anyone else noticed similar behaviour with other terms?


Re: Quotation problems - Orion Pobursky - 2011-08-14

Tim Gould Wrote:
> <MPD Filename>
> <Happiness>
> <Set Number>( <Optional Specifier> )-[main or alt<Number>]

This is a test quote. Disregard.

Edit 1: Worked, the stuff between the <> showed up. More testing to follow
Edit 2: Can't seem to recreate the problem. Investigating further.
Edit 3: Problem recreated. I'll look for a solution but I won't be able to push an update for a few weeks.

Re: Quotation problems - Larry Pieniazek - 2011-08-15

Meanwhile, is there a workaround, such as using "&gt;" (in case that didn't come through it is "& g t ;" without the spaces) or something similar?

Re: Quotation problems - Orion Pobursky - 2011-08-15

No, unfortunatly not. This issue is an acknowledged bug and I have the fix but I won't be able to update the site until I get to shore.