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Rename "Parts Standards" - Willy Tschager - 2011-07-23

As per:


LSC Discussion
The LSC shall have a mailing list or other communication method where only members can post, but the entire community can read. This allows the community to keep tabs on what is being discussed, and discuss LSC issues in public forums such as LUGNET’s CAD.* groups. The LSC should encourage this discussion, and should draw ideas and suggestions from non-LSC members in the community, ensuring everyone’s voice is heard. However, the LSC shall be the only group that votes to ratify a proposal as a standard.

I suggest renaming the "Parts Standards" subgroup to "LDraw Standard Committee" where only the current LSC members can post.


Re: Rename "Parts Standards" - Michael Heidemann - 2011-07-23

I dont agree here. Your proposal is correct in the way we are in need of such LSC discussion possibility, but we need also a place where all can contribute their thoughts! So I think the LSC will be a second topic.

Re: Rename "Parts Standards" - Orion Pobursky - 2011-07-23

Actually that already exists but the LSC board is hidden if you're not in the LSC. I'll make that publicly readable.