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Early Simple Machines parts need - Michal Gardziejewski - 2012-04-19

I'm Michal. I'm 35 years old. I have a wife and two kids. I live in Poland.
I need virtual bricks of Early Simple Mahines set (9656 or 9654). I can't find it in LDraw.
Only few bricks are in .dat format. Mayby someone have others parts to use in LDraw.


ps. sorry for my English

Re: Early Simple Machines parts need - Tim Gould - 2012-04-19

Hi Michael,

Wow. That set has so many parts I never knew existed. Duplo technic!

The problem is that most people will not have the parts. They mostly look sort of simple (except the odd wind parts) to design or mock up but without good pictures it's a big problem.

By the way, one simple alternative might be to do it all in regular bricks, but use a hollow stud. How many parts are not simply scaled versions of regular technic?


Re: Early Simple Machines parts need - Michal Gardziejewski - 2012-04-20

yes it's duplo technic - my children love it.

I try used normal technic bricks but in early simple machines is 6 or more bricks is inregular


This is old version of simple machines but in new version is only few new parts.

Good pictures it's no problem - i have this set so i can send photo.


Re: Early Simple Machines parts need - Tim Gould - 2012-04-21

Hi Michal,

It would be helpful to illustrate the missing pieces by links to photos, preferably with measurements or comparison to other parts. While I'm not sure anyone will have a chance to make any parts, we certainly have no chance without knowing what is needed.

The easier you make it for part authors, the more likely a part is to be authored.