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Beta test AIOI with SR3D - Willy Tschager - 2012-03-31


before I'm going to add the 2012-01 parts update I'd like to get some feedback on the latest addition: SR 3D Builder.

Sergio's prog requires Microsoft .NET Framework as well as Microsoft DirectX 9.0c to properly function. Both packages have been added to the AIOI and the installer performs some checks and if missing or not up-to-date silently installs them if you have chosen to install SR 3D. Since this is quite a lot of new code and I do not have tons of machines with different configurations I could only test it in a limited way. I would love if you could run this beta:


and send me your "Setup Log.txt" files you can find in your "Windows\LDraw" folder in case you run into trouble during install. Currently only the German and French dialogues have been added. If you run the AIOI on an Italian, Dutch or Spanish OS you'll get your error messages in the default English.

Bye, w.