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PROBLEMS WITH MLCAD - Elijah Horton - 2012-03-09

I have bean having some problems with Mlcad, and i need some info on how i can fix these two problems. The first problem is that i cant select and change the rotation vector and type in what i want. Second, i cant add any new custom colors to my default color list. Also, im running on windows vista.

I have created five attachments, to display the problems that i have bean having.

Any help would be appreciated.
sincerely: Elijah Horton

Re: PROBLEMS WITH MLCAD - Tim Gould - 2012-03-10

Hi Elijah,

In response to your first problem... sorry but there is nothing to be done that I've found. Something got broken a while back and has not been fixed.

For the second, colours are a little complicated and unfortunately I can't remember the solution. But hopefully this reminder will bring someone who can!


Re: PROBLEMS WITH MLCAD - Elijah Horton - 2012-03-10

thats ok... thx for responding though Big Grin