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Autocorrect BFC - Jaco van der Molen - 2012-03-08

Hi all,

I have these 3 custom made parts with a pattern with "holes".
I know this has something to do with BFC, but don't what to do.
Can this be corrected at once?


Re: Autocorrect BFC - Philippe Hurbain - 2012-03-08

No, these are not BFC issues but "real" holes!
You may apply a 0 BFC CERTIFY CW statement to the files and look at them with LDView in BFC red/green mode to better see the problem.
lf22 has big holes, rt22 a small one and some overlap, the txt one is correct at first sight.

Re: Autocorrect BFC - Jaco van der Molen - 2012-03-09

Ah, I see now. Thanks.