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Re: Patterns and color 16 - Don Heyse - 2012-03-24

I hate to poke this thread, but I'm curious about Willy's pictures. What exactly are we looking at? Are those transparent stickers on red and grey backing sheets? If so, color 16 still makes the most sense for the sticker because the backing sheet is a separate bit, just like the brick the sticker eventually gets stuck on. If you want to model the backing sheet you have 2 easy choices: A very flat box, or just import the sticker with a real color like red or grey on the type 1 line.

Re: Patterns and color 16 - Don Heyse - 2012-03-24

And this reminds me of a similar issue. Do we model the disposable sprues attached to the minifig tools, flippers, coins, and flowers? That might be handy for inventory purposes, just like the disposable sticker backing paper.

Re: Patterns and color 16 - Steffen - 2012-03-24

We currently do not model backing paper and sprues.
If you'd like to discuss that, could you please start a separate thread?
These things would bring this discussion here completely off topic.