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Update of LDraw.xml - Philippe Hurbain - 2012-02-20

LDraw.xml that defines conversion map between LDD and LDraw has been updated. Quoting Mike Gallagher on Eurobricks:
Mike Gallagher Wrote:Just posted a new version of the LDraw.xml file that’s used to import and export LDR files out of LDD. Now at version 4.23

Please visit the current LDraw.xml download page to get the most current version.

All sorts of parts and a bunch from tires, minifigs hair and hats, NXT, and mroe. over 1,269 working parts.

You can also view images of each group of parts and see what parts work and do not.

Enjoy, Gallagher

Re: Update of LDraw.xml - Philippe Hurbain - 2013-09-28

Anybody got latest ldraw.xml (the beta version)? It seems that Mike Gallagher's website is down at the moment Sad

Re: Update of LDraw.xml - Magnus Forsberg - 2013-09-28

Don't know if this is the latest one, it's dated july 2013.

Re: Update of LDraw.xml - Philippe Hurbain - 2013-09-28

I think it is... anyway it works MUCH better than the version provided with LDD Wink
Thanks, Magnus!

Re: Update of LDraw.xml - Mike Gallagher - 2014-01-06

Posted an update to the LDraw.xml last week to my site, was hoping to do some more but did not have time.

So here is 4.40 (Working 1,770+ , need work 213+) You can find it here HERE (beta and working only)

Still looking for help, so if you have some free time please let me know. Have over 212 mapped parts that need to be adjusted. And I'm sure there are other LDR parts that are not mapped to the correct LEGO part number.

And as I wrote this I noticed LDR had a part update a few days ago, and those parts are not part of my system, so I may have a quick update in the next few days if I find any easy fixes from those parts. I use unofficial parts when available to get a head start on LDraw part releases, and for the most part I do not need to make fixes once official. Going over the list though I do see some parts that need matched to LEGO parts.