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Vehicle, Base 6 x 13 - Christoph Mierowski - 2012-02-08

Is this part really not existing?
I could find it wether as offical nor as unoffical part....

If I'm right could somebody make this part,please.

If this part is really not existing please move this post to the part request thread....

Re: Vehicle, Base 6 x 13 - Greg Teft - 2012-02-09

Haven't done a regular part in a while - http://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/ptdetail.cgi?f=parts/bb50.dat.
Don't know if admin will rename. the Peeron number is already in use (x574).
Trying to get pics of underside - if anyone has one send a pic to me.

Re: Vehicle, Base 6 x 13 - Greg Teft - 2012-02-10

Got a pic, added stiffener. Not sure I'm liking the result. Left as "Needs Work".
[Image: u574_bottom.jpg][Image: u574_1.png]

Re: Vehicle, Base 6 x 13 - Philippe Hurbain - 2012-02-11

Hi Greg,
I got another photo from a member of my LUG showing a detail of middle rib, which confirms that the stiffener is a bit lower than stud4 and plate border.
[Image: u547.jpg]

Re: Vehicle, Base 6 x 13 - Tore Eriksson - 2012-02-12

Stiffeners are normally left out in LDraw parts. Or, at least they were, when I was more active.

Re: Vehicle, Base 6 x 13 - Greg Teft - 2012-02-14

On larger parts where underside may be visible or desirable, I personally prefer the detail.
Before I saw the pics for this one, I admit I wasn't expecting what it really is.

Re: Vehicle, Base 6 x 13 - Greg Teft - 2012-02-14

Thanks again Philo! Lower they go! I was wondering if the difference was negligible or a illusion due to the rounded edges on the stud tubes, I can see in the closeup that the shadow of the tube actually makes it look like the stiffeners are flush

Re: Vehicle, Base 6 x 13 - Greg Teft - 2012-03-07

okay - work distracted me from hobbies again - trying this one again. raised the stiffeners, but they still looked funny til I increased the inside depth to 5 LDU. not standard, but closer to real parts as discussed elsewhere.