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LEGO Themes in OMR files - Willy Tschager - 2012-01-13

Hi folks,

I've got a request from Mike Heidemann in regard of the:

0 !THEME Theme name

command in OMR files. We discussed how detailed and how "deep" we should go in the hierarchy of LEGO themes. We have therefore downloaded BL's theme list you'll find at the LDraw wiki:


Look at the list it seems reasonable to use two levels - kind of:

Adventurers / Desert
Adventurers / Dino Island
Adventurers / Jungle

but not three:

Town / Classic Town / Airport
Town / Classic Town / Building
Town / Classic Town / Cargo

for most themes, while some could stand just with the main theme such as:

Universal Building Set

However sometimes things go wired when you have:

Town / City / Police
Town / Classic Town / Police
Town / Police
Town / World City / Police

We would like to invite the community to come up with some general rules which could be used to cut town the current list.


Re: LEGO Themes in OMR files - Orion Pobursky - 2012-01-13

As the writer of the spec, my intent was to only have the theme name that's printed on the box (or the community accepted theme if there isn't one). So, for example: Star Wars, City, Dino Attack, Architecture, Adventurers. Any other clarifying words can go in KEYWORDS.

Re: LEGO Themes in OMR files - Jude Parrill - 2012-01-14

Willy, this is something I've thought about as well when I work in my models.

One of the themes I work with the most is Star Wars. In the past, I've organized my models by year, but I've started thinking that's probably not the best way and have been brainstorming ideas (and lifting wholesale from Bricklink Wink )

What would you think of the following themes in regards to Star Wars:

Star Wars / MINI
Star Wars / UCS
Star Wars / Technic (for the few SW technic sets released between 2000-2002)
Star Wars / Classic Trilogy
Star Wars / Prequel Trilogy
Star Wars / Clone Wars
Star Wars / Expanded Universe

Re: LEGO Themes in OMR files - Greg Teft - 2012-02-01

I'd Agree with Orion on this, and go one step further and say the theme the set is sold under primarily, either from the catalog or the online store if no theme is on the box. Simple is better. Keywords can then be added to clarify for searching. Bricklink, Brickset, and Peeron all have different theme trees.

Re: LEGO Themes in OMR files - Willy Tschager - 2012-02-01


this approve does not solve my problem. Take what we all call "Adventurers". We clearly have :

Adventurers / Desert
Adventurers / Dino Island
Adventurers / Jungle
Adventurers / Orient Expedition

where Desert and Jungle (the older ones) have no name printed while Jungle is labelled "Adventurers" and Orient Expedition is finally "Orient Expedition". LEGO started putting the themes name on the box only recently. You will never get me to the point to put Classic Space stuff together with Town and Classic Castle just because they were all labelled "LEGOLAND". The more we go back in time the more fan created theme names take over. Since a list is already there why not use it after some polishing.