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Existing Part Edit Requests - Tim Gould - 2011-12-31

I've realised that there's a few parts that are held up by only minor changes suggested by reviewers. Since we're often open to re-editing by secondary authors link to any of these here and hopefully someone whose vote won't be lost can do something about it. eg. stud41fw.

I've noticed others in the past and made the edits but this way we can keep track of more.


PS. I'm not sure if this should remain sticky but I think for now it can be.

Re: Existing Part Edit Requests - Steffen - 2011-12-31

I think the problem has this cause:

the original submitter of the part does not track which comments it received,
and is not working on applying the suggested corrections.

This way, the suggestions stay there forever; they prevent a CERT but are not worth a HOLD.
Result: the part rots away on the Parts Tracker.

Sometimes, after a long time, I cannot resist and fix such things myself to bring things forward,
but I think we should extend the current policy that a part may get altered by others if the original
author does not respond within some time. Currently, that changing is only "allowed" when the part has a HOLD.
That's too un-progressive IMHO. We should extend that to any correction suggestion.

Re: Existing Part Edit Requests - Tim Gould - 2011-12-31

I thought you could edit with just a along enough delay. Perhaps I misremembered.

Either way the license makes it 'legal' if impolite. And I'm willling to brave the insult if things sit too long.

For future reference _any_ part I make can and should be edited by anyone if I don't fix the errors quickly. I used to write this when I posted them.


Re: Existing Part Edit Requests - Steffen - 2012-01-01

Nice to hear that, I've the same perspective; to me, the PT should be somewhat of a collaborative workbench.
In many cases in the past, I was tempted to directly fix problems instead of voting hold:
The latter only slowed down the process: Instead of having a fixed part which could get certified,
you got a held part which sat there then. Well, however, I've in the past 8 years also received
feedback that some authors want to completely author their parts on their own while on the PT,
and I got criticized for editing their files.
So I know from some people that they are fine with it, and I then sometimes just do the correction,
do speed up things. However, it gets complicated, when the solution suggestion I have in mind
might not be what the majority wants. I try to restrict myself then and not do the change.
This way: good that we have this forum.

Re: Existing Part Edit Requests - Tim Gould - 2012-01-01

In truth I wouldn't be pleased if someone changed anything that wasn't a clear error or well established standard. But other than that change away if I've got a mistake.

Re: Existing Part Edit Requests - Christoph Mierowski - 2012-08-25

Since this post is called 'Existing Part Edit Requests' I thought this would be the right place for this:

Some little error with 4600.dat : as this file got offical (the updated version) again with the last part update te description is wrong: it is now named 'Plate 2 x 2 with Wheel Holder'what is the same as 4488.dat . First this description should be 'Plate 2 x 2 with Wheel Holders' (as it was as teh part was unofficial) and secend I presume to diffrent parts shouldn't have the same description.

Another part what need a chance is 2559.dat there a four open studs missing. Compare the part to this

Re: Existing Part Edit Requests - Chris Dee - 2012-08-25

Thanks for pointing out these errors. New versions of these parts are now on the LDraw Parts Tracker.

Re: Existing Part Edit Requests - Christoph Mierowski - 2012-11-29

Since I'm not a part author (and to became one for so minor changes, I don't think is teh right thing), I want to point out two colour changes on to parts. These parts are 3846p44.dat and 973p44.dat (wolf pack shield and torso. The coat of arms boundaries should be red/dark red (I prefer dark red, because it's closer to the real part, but the real part has the main colour brown so the red print looks like dark red). Right now the boundaries are yellowish green since the colour code of 326 is that colour- I don't know for what this code (326) was for when this part was created but now its the wrong colour.
Another thing is that these part still use 383 (chrome silver) instead of 179 (flat silver) (or was it another silver which should be used for patterns?).

Re: Existing Part Edit Requests - Magnus Forsberg - 2012-11-29

I've fixed this.

973p44 is already at the Part Tracker.
3846p44 is sent to Admin for upload, together with corrected subfiles.

Re: Existing Part Edit Requests - Christoph Mierowski - 2012-11-30