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Allotment 3D - my game with ldraw files - Lenny - 2023-01-11


I would like to thank all of them, who helped me during creating this simple game (few months ago I registered here to get some hints with using LDCad and ldraw files in order to create game).

There was no spectacular success, but my nephews had a little fun playing this game Smile

Game is available online:

Additional info in readme file: https://github.com/Pdzoc/Allotment3D
If you have GH account I will be very pleased when you give a star to the repo. Fell free to make an issue if you want criticize this project Wink I know it's veery simple - I'm not a proffesional dev.

Thank you, folks!

[Image: 208844741-b93bf24e-6160-44d5-90f2-9681eec4d868.png]