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New part submission policies - Orion Pobursky - 2022-12-21

In preparation for the upcoming Parts Tracker software refresh, the following policies will be put into place effective immediately:

!LDRAW_ORG type vs. part folder

"Part" and "Shortcut" -> "parts"
"Subpart" -> "parts\s"
"Primitive" -> "p"
"48_Primitive" -> "p\48"
"8_Primitive" -> "p\8"

This rule is already mostly enforced by the current PT but a few parts have slipped through the cracks and will be strictly enforced by the new software. Mismatch is a holdable error.
Edit: This is now enforced by the new part submission validation.


Excluding header edits by an admin (those will be covered separately), if you edit a file in any way, you must have a !HISTORY line in the file. This is required by CC BY 2.0/4.0 and is currently not enforced by the PT. Lack of !HISTORY is a holdable error.
Note: if you already have a !HISTORY line for the part's current release iteration, you don't have to create a new entry, just add to the existing entry.