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80319 8x8 adhesive baseplate - SNIPE - 2022-11-12


I would like to request quite a simple part,

It's ID is of course: 80319 and here is some images and information about it:

it is 8Lx 8L and is half a plate thick according to the image. (20x20x4 LDU and the stud height is 4LDU high and 12 LDU in diameter.

Its name on pick a brick is: BASE PLATE 8X8, ADHESIVE

I am not bothered about the peel off backing. It looks like you could just use just about any LDRAW base plate part as a template but cut it down to 8x8

Thanks, Snipe

RE: 80319 8x8 adhesive baseplate - Magnus Forsberg - 2022-11-12



RE: 80319 8x8 adhesive baseplate - SNIPE - 2022-11-13

(2022-11-12, 16:00)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: Done.


Thanks Shy