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head (mock-up) for large buildable figures - Franklin W. Cain - 2022-11-10

Considering that some of the Hero Factory and Large Figure pieces have been modelled in LDraw, I must presume that at least some of you are interested in building / modelling these large figures. (For ex.: https://www.bricklink.com/catalogItemInv.asp?S=75109-1)

To help in this regard, I've built a "mock-up" of a head for these figures, to be used as a placeholder (until such time as the correct  / proper head is written). I believe my file is reasonably in scale with these models. It uses only two part files still in the Tracker (shown as either Red or Blue in my file). All of the other parts that I used are already in the Library. 

I hope you find this MOC to be useful.  ;-)  


.mpd   large figure head (mock-up).mpd (Size: 1.68 KB / Downloads: 5)