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Sticker 192685i for 1581-1 - Rene Rechthaler - 2022-07-02

Can someone help me with Sticker 192685i for 1581-1 (Silja Lines Ferry)
Unfortunately I dont have Set or Sticker (both quite rare), but the Logo exists as SVG:
For the general size, there is a Bricklink-Seller who sells the nearly empty sheet, shall we ask there how big this sticker is?
For the digital version, maxbe we should check if the other Ferries (1580-2, 1554-1) with a very similar sticker actually have the same sticker...
The newest ferry 1998-1 has a similar sticker, but blue and separated.

RE: Sticker 192685i for 1581-1 - Gerald Lasser - 2022-07-02


looking at the picture from

The left end is not very clearly seen, but better in this image (second window)

the dimensions can be gatherd.

In the first picture 4 studs are 170 pixels
One brick height is 50 pixels.

Sticker is 370 pixels long (174 LDU)
Sticker height at the text is 56 pixels (~ 27 LDU) this extends for 256 pixels (122 LDU)
Raising from 56 Pixels to 109 pixels over a distance of 19 pixes (~9 LDU)
Sticker height at the Walrus is 109 pixels (~ 52,5 LDU)
Sticker hright of 109 extends 37 pixels (17,6 LDU) to the right
then dropping on the right corner to a height of 62 (~30 LDU)

That should be pretty much the dimensions, I have not found a better picture

There is a converter SvgToDat, but it does not like the Logo

RE: Sticker 192685i for 1581-1 - Javier Orquera - 2022-07-03

Hello: I find this webpage https://www.brickstickershop.com/Lego-Sticker-1581-Silja-Line-Ferry-(1981)-Custom-Replacement#
It have a réplica of what you are looking for.
Hope I help you.

RE: Sticker 192685i for 1581-1 - Magnus Forsberg - 2022-07-03

(2022-07-02, 12:21)Rene Rechthaler Wrote: Can someone help me with Sticker 192685i for 1581-1 (Silja Lines Ferry)

I'm working on this one.

RE: Sticker 192685i for 1581-1 - Magnus Forsberg - 2022-07-04

Now on the PT