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Advice: Shades of Trans.-Blue - Franklin W. Cain - 2021-10-27

I need some advice, please, on specific shades of "transparent blue" to be used in a MOC. 

I've attached two images, showing the proposed shades to be used for: 
* Building Glass
* Free-Standing Water
* Water Spray (from a water fountain)

In the first version, I'm using color-47 for the water spray. In the second version, I'm instead using color-43. In both versions, I'm using color-41 for the glass windows, and color-293 for the free-standing water in the fountains. 

Version 1: 

Version 2: 

At first, I used color-33 for the free-standing water, but it looked just a bit too dark to me. For now, I'm using color-293 instead. 

Any thoughts?  Please let me know what you think. 

Thanks!  ;-)  

RE: Advice: Shades of Trans.-Blue - Willy Tschager - 2021-10-28


Trans Dark Blue for the windows
Trans Light Blue for water
Trans Clear for the fountains