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Legal Brick Usage Question - Rob Frydryck - 2020-10-03

Can I use one part for a model that I will sell if I give credit to this site and author?  I am 3d modeling a project from scratch and there is one part that is taking forever to make.  I saw this in legal and need confirmation that I can use one part if I give credit.

You are free:
  • to copy - distribute, display, and use the CA approved LDraw Parts Library
  • to make derivative works
  • to make commercial use of the CA approved LDraw Parts Library

  • Attribution - You must give the original author credit.
    The LDraw Steering Committee (SteerCo) also holds an attribution to 'The LDraw Parts Library' in such Derivative Works to be sufficient in lieu of a full list of authors.
Thank you

RE: Legal Brick Usage Question - Willy Tschager - 2020-10-03

Quoting an old US-campaign: Yes, you can.