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60671pr0004 (Trolls' Mountain Fortress) - Thom Kok - 2020-05-16

Hi everyone!

I see 60671pr0004 do not exist yet on LDraw. Is someone interested in creating this part? The hole for the arm goes all the way trough the other side.


[Image: bFoL8mj.jpg]

[Image: FmH1gv7.jpg]

[Image: zIYRVvU.jpg]

[Image: 4EwNgWn.jpg]

[Image: Uj2gPIr.jpg]

[Image: ZnJu5AY.jpg]

[Image: ImETqNg.jpg]
The horns do not go all the way in.

If there are any questions, ask me.

RE: 60671pr0004, 60642c03pr01, 60639c03pr01, 60674 (Trolls' Mountain Fortress) - Orion Pobursky - 2020-05-16

Just to temper your expectations a bit, these are quite complex and the patterns are large. That said, the basic shapes are available as LDD exports.