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An introduction to digital LEGO - Philippe Hurbain - 2020-04-12

A great introduction to digital LEGO: Interview of Neil Marsden ("Pennyforge") by Matt Elder.

Quoting YouTube video description:
In this video interview Neil Marsden aka Pennyforge presents a primer masterclass on virtual/digital LEGO building (originally presented at London AFOLs April 2020). Neil discusses LEGO modelling, rendering and instruction creation comparing current software tools such as LEGO Digital Designer, Bricklinks Stud.io and LDCad. Other software touched upon includes Blender, MLCad, Modo, Sketchup and Maya

Neil gives an overview of taking a traditional 3D model and converting it to real LEGO via voxel data. Pennyforge also covers scripting and touches upon the opensource nature of ldraw, underpinning all this digital LEGO building. Scripting has also been used to build words and fonts out of LEGO. A discussion of machine learning is had (so if you are able to contribute, be sure to get in touch).


RE: An introduction to digital LEGO - von brikbild - 2020-10-12

Thanks, Philippe.  I'm looking for "LDraw 101" types of material, and this is helpful.

Kind Regards,

RE: An introduction to digital LEGO - wangzi - 2020-12-05

that is a good idea