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RE: Lego Technic 1981 - N. W. Perry - 2021-02-09

(2021-02-09, 18:14)Linda Wrote: Based loosely on the "MB Trac" commercial tractors of the era (without any licensing connecting this model to a specific manufacturer), this set was sold in Canada and the United States under the name "Harvester" and under the name "Tractor" in the rest of the world.

Later copies of this set (sold beginning in 1982 or 1983) replaced some parts with newer mould versions and redesigned a weak joint in the driveshaft. These changes resulted in the part inventory being reduced by 2 parts.

The set's building instructions include detailed instructions for the main tractor body along with two alternative instructions for a plow or a harrow as the rear attachment (there are only sufficient parts included to build one of these attachments at a time). Additionally, the instructions include:
* Detailed instructions for an off-road racing vehicle B-Model
* Pictorial instructions for motorizing the tractor using either the European set 870-1 or the North American set 960-1
* Detailed instructions for building three additional rear attachment options using parts from set 8710-1
* Pictorial instructions for building two additional B-Models - a Dune Buggy or a Beach Bicycle

I am definitely on board with a little background commentary on some of these models. Thanks! Big Grin