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How to add a flexible Powered Up Cable - CJ H. - 2020-02-13


I'm trying to get a Powered Up train motor with a flexible cable into my .mpd so I can build instructions showing where to run the cable.  

As far as I can tell, the Powered Up Train motor is not available in LDraw, but the Power Functions train motor (unofficial 87574) is a good approximation.  However this part does not have a cable and plug.  I understand a bit about how flexible parts work in LDCad, but I can't seem to find the right part to use to generate the cable.  None of the parts I have found seem to allow me to add guide points.  So two questions:

1)  Is adding a flexible cable to 87574 the right approach?
2)  What part do I use to serve as the basis for the cable that I can stretch?


RE: How to add a flexible Powered Up Cable - Philippe Hurbain - 2020-02-14

1 - Yes, both motors are extremely similar - except cable.
2 - Appropriate cable segment is u9218.
You can find similar templates in LDCad, in templates->misc power functions 2

RE: How to add a flexible Powered Up Cable - CJ H. - 2020-02-14

Thanks Philippe.  That was helpful. 

I took one of the existing LQ parts (what does that stand for, anyway?) and in nested mode deleted everything except the cable and plug, which I can then position with the motor.  I probably still have some things to figure out with respect to renaming the part so that the changes carry over to LPub3D.  Any advice on that would be welcome.

I think I know how I can get Lpub3D to ignore the cable as a separate part, or maybe treat the motor + part submodel as a single part.  Although it would be more elegant if I can turn the motor+cable into my own custom part. 

My goodness, how far down does this LEGO rabbit hole go?