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ldrawloader - C/C++ open-source loader - Christoph Kubisch - 2019-08-18

if anyone is searching for a self-contained ldraw loader, I have recently open-sourced a hobby project. It doesn't come with all the bells and whistles to the various Ldraw features yet, but should be useful nevertheless.


It also implements chamfered hard edges for better rendering quality, for that purpose additional "fixes" are done to the models.

[Image: ldrawloader.png]

[Image: ldrawloader2.png]

RE: ldrawloader - C/C++ open-source loader - jgsogo - 2021-11-19

Thanks! This looks like really useful.

Is it possible to get the full example? In the repository you just show how to load the model, is it possible to get the extra code you use to actually render the part/model?