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Need Part nr 30184 for 6432 set - Maciej - 2019-07-10

Hello at first sorry for my english im from Poland. I try to build lego sets from my childhood using stud.io this program use LDraw library 

now i try to buid 6432 Dpeedway Transport and i need part nr part nr 30184 Trailer Base 6 x 26 x 2 & 2/3, Vehicle. This part not exist yet in LDraw library. I can't make this part because i don't know how to make parts. If some one make this part thank you

Edit: Gerald Lasser Thank You
[Image: 30184.png]

RE: Need Part nr 30184 for 6432 set - Gerald Lasser - 2019-07-11

Unfortunately I do not have this part, nor did I find any pictures from below.

I think a good approach for the beginning would to do a POOP (Part Out Of Parts) approach and build the part from what is available, that looks feasible to me.

See the attachment