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RE: Wikipedia - Damien Roux - 2019-06-19

Here is my contribution :

Rendered with PovRay from a Ldview export and 100% LGEO substitution.

[Image: car.jpg]

RE: Wikipedia - Michael Horvath - 2019-06-20

(2019-06-17, 23:40)Michael Horvath Wrote: Thanks, I will try that! I like L3P because it can be executed from the command line/batch file.

Too bad LDView is no longer being updated. I have several suggestions wrt the POV-Ray output.

Here's a new render using LDView as a basis. The polygons are now smoothed.

[Image: 48096208426_c68138892c_o.png]ldv_nice_redrock_racer_new_12 by Michael Horvath, on Flickr

RE: Wikipedia - Michael Horvath - 2019-06-20

(2019-06-19, 19:50)Travis Cobbs Wrote: I certainly don't mind. I definitely pay attention to suggestions, but I also make no promises about them.

Awesome! I started a new thread here: