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4180c04 Train Wheel Brick - Steve Guidi - 2019-04-13

Hi everyone:

I noticed that part number 4180c04 is missing from the LDraw parts tracker.  On closer inspection, I found 4180c02 (Brick 2 x 4 Black with Train Wheels Small) which is a color-invariant version of the same small train wheel part.

The problem is that both Bricklink and Rebrickable don't use the color-invariant part number in their database; it is listed as a fixed-color black wheel and a separate part for the red wheel.  Consequently, a CAD tool like Studio creates a mismatch when a bill of materials is generated/validated.

I'm not sure what the best approach is to solve this problem, but I thought I would post this query here to start off.  Either a patch in the various Lego databases or a new LDraw part number with a hard-coded color seems in order.