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RE: OMR File Header - Orion Pobursky - 2019-06-10

(2019-06-10, 22:52)Roland Melkert Wrote: This is indeed very vague.

Normally the official / unofficial status has to do with files being QA-ed and then contained in complete.zip or not.

But with OMR things ares not that formal, so I'm thinking it should always be "Model" when available on the site, and "Unofficial" up till the point it's uploaded to the site.

Not sure though.

That’s what I’ve been assuming and I pretty much wrote the spec.

RE: OMR File Header - Lasse Deleuran - 2019-06-11

Thanks, both of you. I will update the documentation in my codebase to reflect this.

RE: OMR File Header - Johann Eisner - 2019-06-11

As soon as I uploaded a model to OMR, I changed the file header from unofficial to official, when I OMRize the file.