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How to install missing parts in LEOcad? - momo - 2018-10-23

Hi everyone,
  I am a newbie of LDraw,I have a project now need to import ldd file into 3dsmax,I have already known there is a way to convert it from ldd to leoCAD,and then export 3ds or obj format,what I confusing is how to using missing parts of leoCAD,
below is the file I will export,all units in lego:
[Image: 1.png]
Missing units in leoCAD:
[Image: 2.png]
I used 1 brick for test,in lego

[Image: 3.png]
missing in leoCAD
[Image: 4.png]
then ,following the http://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/ptscan.cgi?q=4869
I downloaded 4869.dat

Plane Jet Engine Centre

I searched the library path,like below:

 [Image: 5.png]
The 4869.dat has already there

[Image: 8.png]

But why it can not display in leoCAD?Do I missing some steps?Please help,I spent 2 days and did not find a solution,thanks in advance(I also uploaded the ldd and ldr files)