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RE: Bricksmith and Allen Smith - Travis Cobbs - 2019-02-21

(2019-02-13, 6:00)Travis Cobbs Wrote: Once I did this, I seem to have gotten to the same point as Ben, which is broken Z Buffering. (It also has some dark mode issues.)

Rereading Ben's post, I think I fixed the problem he had, but as you can see, it's not rendering correctly:
[Image: 9g45SJi.png]

RE: Bricksmith and Allen Smith - Oli Hahn - 2020-05-05

(2019-02-13, 4:55)Travis Cobbs Wrote: I pulled, built, and ran, and the debug build got an assertion failure on line 232 of LDrawGLRender.m:


A release build ran fine, but didn't show the model (not surprisingly, given the above assert).

I did play around a bit with the code and it turned out, that the LDrawGLRenderer is not initialized at this point. To fix it, I moved the creation of the renderer before the setup of the Open GL Context: 

renderer = [[LDrawGLRenderer alloc] initWithBounds:NSSizeToSize2([self bounds].size)];
[renderer setDelegate:self withScroller:self];
[renderer setLDrawColor:[[ColorLibrary sharedColorLibrary] colorForCode:LDrawCurrentColor]];
// Set up our OpenGL context. We need to base it on a shared context so that
Also, as Travis Cobbs wrote, OverlayHelperWindow needs a clear background color. 

With this, I see a model, although the aspect ratio is not correct.