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Incorrect colour code connections - Magnus Forsberg - 2018-03-04


I want to change/correct some of the connections between LDraw colour codes and Lego codes in ldconfig.ldr.

Based on these images:

and this tabell:

I want to correct the connections like this:

or to simplify it even further:

.png   colour codes simplified.png (Size: 4.3 KB / Downloads: 137)

(and IMO, the connection between Ldraw 87 and LEGOID 316 in Ryan's tabell is not correct.)

RE: Incorrect colour code connections - Steffen - 2018-03-05

just as a reminder a blast from the past...:


RE: Incorrect colour code connections - Magnus Forsberg - 2018-12-21

I want to bring this issue to the surface again.
IMHO, some of the connections made in the ldconfig.ldr is not correct.

Another issue is new colours:

This part, 21987, is madeĀ using a softer rubber material, and only know in Trans bright green, Trans light blue and Trans red
but there is no Trans rubber green, blue or red in ldconfig
[Image: 21987.png]

And, we are getting a new shade of red, Vibrant Coral soon.Ā  It is in the set 70828 Pop-Up Party Bus.

[Image: 70828-1.jpg?201811200622]

RE: Incorrect colour code connections - Willy Tschager - 2018-12-22

I'll look into these, but I'm currently busy with the MLCad.ini and the AIOI. Ping me if you haven't heard back by the end of January.