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RE: Submodels, mpd, and Lpub3D - Brian Dag - 2018-02-13

(2018-02-13, 16:37)Johann Eisner Wrote:
(2018-02-12, 21:20)Brian Dag Wrote: My mpd file is built as stated above per David. There is a step to build this submodel shown on the page before. Even though I'm turning it into a group is still seems to act as a submodel when it needs to and yet still subjects itself to group commands when needed. Note that I turned the submodel within my mpd file into a group. I didn't substitute a group for a submodel. I can add "0 !LPUB PLI SHOW LOCAL TRUE" to the submodel and format it to look like a regular step on it's own page. Then on the main model page it can be treated as a group.

But thank you for the context. I had been trying to use buffer exchange but somehow was not figuring out the PART BEGIN/END portion. It worked equally as well and I'll keep that instead.


The problem is that.
The Buffer exchange syntax from lpub doesn't work in lpub3d.
In lpub you use normally the ghost command in the “Store“ action. This command doesn't work in lpub3d. 
So you must ignore the parts in the retrieve action  

There is already a discussion on 

Ah, I knew Jaco's guide was incomplete but I figured he only updated the parts for LPub3D that were different than LPub4. Thanks for the lead on a more updated source. I had done plenty of Googling but the sourceforge forum did not show up.


RE: Submodels, mpd, and Lpub3D - reinout - 2018-09-02

Hello everyone,

I have a bit of a problem with submodels in Lpub3D.
When i want to change the view angle of a model ( better see the step and the submodel) it crashes.
It even crashed when i just click on the button ( set absolute/relative rotation).
Or when i rotate the hole model in de right screen, how do i save it?