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LDDesignPad -- The Smarter LDraw notepad - Jarema - 2017-07-09

LDDesignPad is a powerful text editor designed to make hand-editing of LEGO LDraw files easy.  Far more advanced than a simple notepad.

  1. Fully customizable editor with syntax highlighting
  2. Open multiple files at the same time
  3. Unlimited Undo/Redo
  4. Use/define code snippets
  5. Editing features like In lining of parts, commenting etc.
  6. Seamless integration of L3P error check of parts at a button click
  7. Integration of ML-Cad and LD-View
  8. Plugin-Support Expand -- LDDesignPad with your own plugins in C++ or Delphi. Code samples / example plugins are included
Get and download now >> http://lddp.sourceforge.net/
Brought to you by >> Orion Pobursky , Carsten Schmitz