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UFO DBL-X Wing Battle Cruiser - End Unsure - 2017-05-01

This is an original ship I designed for the UFO sub-theme. It features:

Two minifigure seats (one for pilot, one for gunner) with two opening hatches two cockpits.

A large under cannon that can shoot in a full hemisphere under the vessel. The only place safe is above it. It also has 4 smaller cannons on the front.

Areas I'm particularly proud of include:
Well the damn cannon obviously bc that's just cool.
The 8 Wing design (see rear image)
The hose work and engine design
How genuinely close it looks to being an actual part of the UFO sub-theme.

Only the cannon really separates it from the UFO sub-theme, as no UFO had such a weapon, but it would have fit in pretty well. I think it would have looked a little different but I'm not quite sure how, more grey probably.

Anyways I like the black. It also lacks the typical UFO landing gear, it would not fit due to the cannon. Instead the ship will eventually receive a different docking system which I will unveil when its done.

RE: UFO DBL-X Wing Battle Cruiser - End Unsure - 2017-05-01

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